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DI pipe fittings

Pipe Fittings

ISO2531/BS EN545 Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings

Flanged Socket, Flanged Spigot, Collar, 90°Socket
Bend,45°Socket Bend,22.5°Socket Bend,11.25°Socket Bend, All Socket Tee, Double Socket Tee with Flanged Branch, Double Socket Taper, Cap, Plugs, Double Socket Level Tee with Flanged Branch. All Socket Cross, 90° Double Socket Duckfoot Bend.

90° Double Flanged Bend, 45° Double Flanged Bend, 22.5° Double Flanged Bend,11.25° Double Flanged Bend, All Flanged Tee, Double Flanged Taper

Ductile Iron GGG50/ASTM A536

Size: DN80-DN2000
Pressure: PN10,PN16.
Pressure Test: 15Bar, 24Bar.
EPDM, NBR Rubber Seals to EN681 & ASTM D2000.
Painting: RAL5017 FBE coated, Min., Coating Thickness 200μm.; Zinc +Black Bitumen
Connected Pipes: Ductile Iron Pipes.

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